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GT Industrial

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  • Start: 2011 construction of production facilities in the San Pedro region
  • December 2012: Start of castor seed processing production
  • We would like to thank Mr. José Chen for the development and construction of the castor oil peeling machines for our company.
  • Ricinus cultivation is particularly suitable for small farmers in the region and we are happy to support them in planting it.



Castor bean is a perennial plant with regular yields and thrives very well in the subtropical climate of Paraguay.

The oil extracted from the seeds is a high-quality natural substitute for mineral oils and a valuable natural raw material for over 4,000 substances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which is traded at consistently high prices.


  • The contract farmers receive seeds from us, a castor oil plant variety specially bred for industrial processing.
  • They will receive support from us in soil preparation and sowing with machines and technicians.
  • We help with the care and growth promotion of plants while avoiding the use of pesticides.
  • We can also help with the harvest and transport to our location with vehicles and staff.
  • We buy the castor-oil fruits at contractually fixed prices.



Our location in Yryvucua